Cascades Paper

  • Wall Street Journal feature transformed product launch
  • Company recognized as sustainability powerhouse
  • Video animation uses humor to explain company’s capabilities

The Cascades campaign featured the introduction of MOKA – the nation’s first beige, 100% recycled bathroom tissue, launched in conjunction with a Wall Street Journal exclusive, which set the stage of begging the question whether Americans are ready to be more sustainable in the stall.

Kohnstamm’s pithy approach featured video testimonials of office workers who had their toilet paper switched on them and their very clever and creative responses – supported by surveys, blog commentaries and successful award entries – all used at trade shows, sales presentations and company sales meetings. The introduction exceeded the Quebec-based client’s aggressive sales goals, and the company embarked on a retail strategy as a follow-on to the successful institutional sales whose communications Kohnstamm designed and implemented.

The Quebec-based 100% recycled fiber towel and tissue manufacturer became the first to use clean, renewable, emission-free wind energy in the manufacturing process of their product line, made with 100% Green e-certified renewable energy credits, preventing the release of 15 million pounds of CO2.

Kohnstamm successfully positioned Cascades as amongst the most environmentally responsible on the planet, and helped leverage the company’s partnership with the EPA’s Green Power Partnership, and the only tissue product producer at the time to comply with the industry’s stringent Sustainable Manufacturing and Marketing Initiative guidelines to have Processed Chlorine Free, Green Seal and EcoLogic certifications.

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