Drew Maakestad

Drew is driven. On the snowiest of MN winter commutes, when few make it into the office, Drew would travel the furthest and find a way. That same sense of urgency pervades her approach to making every day count for her clients. Uncanny in her strategic insights into solving client challenges, clients have learned to rely on Drew, thanks to the additional effort she invests to fully understand her client’s competition and category. Her work spans across our consumer and B2B groups, giving her an unusual depth of PR experience to draw upon, ranging from health, wellness and nutrition to manufacturing, human relations, privacy and law. An alum of Wooster College of Ohio, Drew vied to return as intern at Kohnstamm each summer throughout college and secured a full time role at an agency much earlier than her classmates. As is her style, she knows exactly what she wants to accomplish and the contributions she wants to make as a driven PR professional.


As a diamond-shaped organization, the real heart inside of Kohnstamm resides in its two VPs, Aaron Berstler and Alan Newbold, who together set the stage for high engagement, creativity, consistently great results — and the prevailing sense of humanity that pervades how we work.


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