Michelle Hoffman

Michelle Hoffman is in the business of getting…it…done. She’s always looking for new ways to help a client exceed their goals, story ideas to help a journalist craft a brilliant piece, snacks to make sure the “kids” in the office are eating well…you name it, she’s on it. This PR maven has spent 10+ years perfecting the art of making things happen.

Throughout her career she’s rubbed elbows with video game legend Hideo Kojima, burned rubber with Michael Rooker, moonwalked with the Jackson family, and helped kids change the world alongside the Justice Alan Page. Michelle is also a three-time PRSA Classics award winner for work done on behalf of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. Despite the “glitz and glamour” of her job, her favorite part is helping great brands she loves tell their story. 

When she’s not in the office making magic happen, she’s home with her two kids exploring the Twin Cities. While the kids are having fun, she’s secretly using them as test subjects for her favorite kid-friendly clients and mining them for new story angles and ideas.


As a diamond-shaped organization, the real heart inside of Kohnstamm resides in its two VPs, Aaron Berstler and Alan Newbold, who together set the stage for high engagement, creativity, consistently great results — and the prevailing sense of humanity that pervades how we work.


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