Red Wing Shoes

    Red Wing Shoe Company is a hidden gem global brand. Kohnstamm was brought on to catalyze awareness for the company’s burgeoning outreach to domestic and international businesses, such as the oil and gas industry. Red Wing’s continued growth and expansion beyond footwear into workwear has resonated with skilled laborers who appreciate purpose-built materials to stay safe amidst specific hazards such as chemicals, fire, slippery surfaces or arctic temperature. One successful campaign shone the spotlight on new repellent fabrics that protect against mosquitos, and can thwart the transmission of diseases or illnesses such as the Zika virus, with coverage in oil and gas, workplace safety, hygiene and other trade outlets in the U.S. and around the globe. The market has responded well to an aggressive public relations outreach program. The PR program was so successful that Red Wing expanded its role to include communications around the company’s social responsibility, corporate communications, and community relations outreach efforts.

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