Dana Norsten

Dana Norsten, a former consumer PR wunderkind, heads up Kohnstamm’s operations as its Executive Agency Manager. Not new to PR – or to Kohnstamm – Dana led award-winning PR efforts 12 years ago for the agency on behalf of Nordic Ware’s 60th Anniversary Campaign, before moving to the client side to run Sales and PR for that same company. Boomeranging back to Kohnstamm, Dana now oversees office management and supports Kohnstamm’s senior leadership team across new business development, employee recruitment and human resources. When not remaining inexplicably calm and incredibly optimistic through every agency situation that comes her way, you’ll find her rink-side at the Minnesota Wild. As a season ticket holder and hockey mega-fan, we’re certain she exorcises her PR demons vicariously out on the ice. Off the ice? She may be secretly pampering two 100 lb+ ‘puppies’ or secretly trying not to pamper two wonderful teens on the home front.


The real heart inside of Kohnstamm resides in its VPs, Aaron Berstler and Alan Newbold, who set the stage for the high engagement, creativity, consistently great results — and the prevailing sense of humanity that pervades how we work.


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