Kendall Johnson

A policy wonk who speaks client, Kendall returned to the Land of 10,000 Lakes after spending the early part of her professional career in Washington, D.C. with a transportation-centric PR agency. Studying political science and economics at Lehigh University bestowed on Kendall the ability to break down minute details of complex industries. Kendall understands not only the PR needs of every individual client, but the needs of their entire business. You can find her excitedly speaking with clients about their industry, fluent in insider acronyms and news. When a client works with Kendall, they get results in their own terms. Kendall’s voracious appetite for information and love for storytelling also translate to her personal life, as the go-to conversationalist in any social or family setting.


As a diamond-shaped organization, the real heart inside of Kohnstamm resides in its three VPs, Aaron Berstler, Alan Newbold and Kelly Olson, who together set the stage for high engagement, creativity, consistently great results — and the prevailing sense of humanity that pervades how we work.


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