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We love PR because it is the great equalizer. It levels the playing field for “challenger brands,” has an insidious and disruptive effect on competitors and moves perceptions past key tipping points of consensus.

We love PR because it is all about value generation — irreplaceable in the lifespan of exceptional people, their products, their organizations and dreams.

Fulfilling the
Promise of PR

You hire us because you’re looking for a tight, strategic group that quickly moves work forward, transparently holds itself accountable, and keeps process to a minimum.

How we partner
with clients is

We found the key to high performance, enduring trust and exceptional results PR.

A legacy of

Over its 25+ years, Kohnstamm has built a legacy of consistency, creativity, and high performance outcomes that earned kudos from clients and the world of PR.

Meet the team

From refugee relief advocates to a former member of a Japanese rock band

We create

Making a transformational impact on your brand through PR

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The road to successfully transforming
companies through PR starts with a
conversation. Who you're working for
makes all the difference.

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