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We never forget that we‘re also in the people business.

This is true not only regarding our dedication to clients, but just as importantly in our fierce support of our agency community here at Kohnstamm.

The Kohnstamm culture is often described in contradictory terms: intense and inclusive; empowering and humbling; collaborative yet diverse in the personalities that unite a common purpose. The level of engagement here is high, with comments and feedback that often flow seamlessly among team members throughout many evenings and weekends — this is not a turn it on/turn it off culture. We’re all about fulfilling the full promise of PR, and that’s what it takes.

The work we do for our clients and brands positively flavors our personal lives; and likewise our personal lives fuel and inspire the comprehensive work we strive to make happen at Kohnstamm. We both nurture and challenge each other, keeping a sense of engagement high, entitlement low, and a sense of gratitude for each other’s skills, sacrifices and contributions respectful, enduring and authentic.

We have this one life, with years that cannot be repeated, in a profession that can be unforgiving, strenuous and unwieldy. A life in PR can take a toll on a person, yet at the same time promise to be unbelievably gratifying and rewarding, especially when you have the unwavering support of those around you.

This is why we place a premium on our humanity, which must always prevail, the joy of what we do elevated, and the fun of this tight-knit community of PR professionals always celebrated.

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