Fulfilling the
Promise of PR.

Our point of view & what we believe.

We are a tight, strategic group that moves quickly and keeps process to a minimum.

We need to be held accountable, period. You have absolutely no time for hand-holding, so accountability needs to be clear, transparent, consistent, and self-evident. Measurement, goals and accountability frees up your brain to focus on the high-value “forward-looking” strategic elements that are consequential to your program’s progress and success.

“Fulfilling the promise of PR” is everything to what we at Kohnstamm are all about.

Core Strengths and Beliefs
That make Kohnstamm Unique


We find success when others have fallen short
Our “diamond shaped” agency structure means our account teams integrate senior level strategy together with account execution in a seamlessly organized bundle. Momentum and veteran PR insights in the mix produce sustainable, manageable, dare we say even great programs.


We are all about accountability
We continuously ask, “how are we doing?” and at Kohnstamm, accountability is prominent in our language, culture, training, contracts, reporting and client conversations. Perpetually time-impoverished, our clients need to focus on strategy looking forward, not holding teams accountable for work looking back.


We’re in that PR sweet spot
It is difficult to find PR agencies that are both consistently strategic and nimble at the same time. That’s us. We have created a powerful mix that effectively blends the mindful execution of PR plans with an entrepreneurial fervor that together impactfully catalyzes our clients’ programs.


Call us a 'clown car of talent'
We leverage big agency and big brand experience in a tighter, more accessible package. Kohnstamm staff come from the top PR agencies, yet desire to work in close-knit teams at a scale that fosters outstanding and rewarding relationships with our clients.


Consistently meet high client expectations.
There are goals, and then there are expectations. We do a solid job with achieving both. At its best, PR is all about both the people and the process.


“Tell me something I don’t already know.”
That’s the bar we always need to exceed. We don’t react, we anticipate and lead. We provide consumer insights and PR counsel that gives our clients the leg up they need to become truly positioned as the well-respected category thought leaders they deserve to be.


We understand how PR fits within our client’s business.
We’ve won some of our best awards, not just for creating great PR, but for moving businesses forward. We know the true test is how PR works to attract talent and investors, grow executive reputations and grow bottom lines.


Shoe leather media results.
Though it is harder than ever to navigate the constantly changing traditional media landscape, Kohnstamm has a reputation for consistently staying on top and generating the oversized results that satisfy the C-suite’s insatiable appetite for more.


A mastery of social media, influencers, and PR innovation.
PR continues to innovate and evolve at a blinding pace. The early adopters can gain a competitive edge, and for PR to be the great equalizer especially for challenger brands, we need to always harness that change to our clients’ advantage.


We're not just another vendor
Our goal is always to earn the role of Trusted Advisor with our clients, and in turn for them to say: “This would have never happened without the team at Kohnstamm!”

"What I love about this work is that we consistently unlock the full potential of our client brands using PR — and we get to see its impact on big things like accelerated growth, attracting top talent and investors, and gaining the upper hand on competitors. That’s when the fun truly begins!"

- Josh Kohnstamm, Founder & CEO

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