Why a Rooster?

The Kohnstamm logo and what it represents

If you didn’t see it before, you definitely will now. That’s right, our logo is a rooster! But, why?

The Kohnstamm Rooster harkens to our Midwestern sensibilities, work ethic, and collaborative approach around our PR “farm” in which we ably steward the myriad of projects, campaigns, crop of clients, and growth we’re so lucky to be a part of. We pride ourselves on smartly staying ahead — reading the weather, anticipating change, assembling the right team to make it all work better than any of us individually could imagine it could.

All this is overlaid with a palpable sense of gratitude for the good fortune, great people and life-enriching times we’re able to share through the process and product of our work. To us, the rooster represents the witness, atop a high perch, that attests to not only the joy in each day’s sun rise, but also for the good that has come from the years of contribution to something much bigger than ourselves.

That’s the Kohnstamm rooster.